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Voyager: Un-frickin believable

August 22, 2009

24 hour round trip for messages to and from the Voyager space probes.  NASA is still communicating with them… here’s the latest update on June 26, 2009!

Command Transmission & Verification Operations

Voyager 1 command operations consisted of the uplink of a Command Loss Timer Reset on 06/24 [DOY 175/1650z].  The spacecraft received the command.

Voyager 2 command operations consisted of the uplink of seven bracketed Command Loss Timer Resets sent on five-minute centers using 1.0 Hz steps on 06/22 [DOY 173/1442z].  The spacecraft received two of the seven commands sent.

NASA is sending retard-ese for an instruction set, and the spacecraft are still lucid enough to know they just peed their pants!

There just ain’t much you can coax from  “grandpa” when all you got is “your timing is screwed up, please reset”, and the response is something other than “OK” 5 times out of 7.


Something else cool I noticed, is that they send in 1.0Hz steps…. probably because of the distance and speed causes an ever increasing doppler effect resulting in a “pitch” that might be too high or too low for voyager to consider intelligent signalling from earth.  hmph.  cool.

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