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Save Money, Do Your Own Plumbing!

April 14, 2008

This article isn’t exactly about numbers, but it can be.

The background story is that the 1-1/2″ ABS drain tubing from my kitchen was sheared off in the drain pipe in my basement.

Finished Plumbing and Concrete

Many things were tried by the previous owner including crazy glue, abs cement, bondo!!! but nothing stopped the leak of weird kitchen drain liquid. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no way to fix this except to replace the entire Y-joint.

This weekend I got tired of looking at the neverending dripping creek in my basement, so I decided to rent a jackhammer, and fix that drain!

Unfortunately, the repair job wasn’t easy because the Y-joint piece (called an ABS Sanitary Tee apparently) had to be replaced in it’s entirety, which was buried 2 inches into the concrete, plus I had to get down a little further to get a clean piece of pipe to join to.

Based on plumber estimates, the total for a professional plumber would be about $400.00 CDN.

I spent

  • $54.00 on the 4 hour rental of the small jackhammer from Home Depot
  • $28.00 on a construction grade shovel (spade)
  • $29.00 on ABS fittings : Sanitary Tee, 1-1/2″ Tubing, 1-1/2″ Coupler and Elbow, ABS Cleanout Fitting
  • $4.00 on Bag of Cement (Half still remains unused).
  • 5 hours of personal time including prep, work, and cleanup.

Materials I already had included

  • Bucket to mix concrete
  • Cement trowel
  • ABS Cement
  • Saw
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