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I have 30 minutes to get one new viewer.

September 28, 2007

OK, 29 minutes, until I can get one more customer and have the same numbers as two days ago.

OK, 28 minutes, until I can get one more after. Then I will have beaten the record I will have 17 amazing readers. That’s hero’s territory.

I’ll keep editing this starting After 7:32 PM EDT.

WordPress rolls their stories every midnight GMT.

In Toronto, Ontario, we are currently in Daylight Savings Time. We are currently GMT-4 observing EDT and EST.

Here’s our stats. Let’s see if posting 1 new article can give me one more viewer before the end of the day. You see, then I’ll have 16 posts today. that matches the one from 2 days ago.

Stats SNAP

7:33 PM. Still only 15 views. Come on world. You can do it. Give me one more click.

7:38 PM. Still. 15 hits today. Need 1 more.

Maybe I’ll go and click on some other people’s blogs and click around. If someone out there is watching their stats like me, I’ll show up on their stats-radar, and they’ll click on me. Here I go. 19 minutes to go!

7:51 There is 9 minutes left, and *someone* either clicked twice or two people just visited twice. A special Hiya to my buddy Julian, who’s blog is on the right called StarvingStudentSurvival . Hurray, I’m pretty happy over those hits.

Stats SNAP 2

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